Social Wealth by Jason Treu

Maybe your friendships are in need of a jumpstart. Rather than putting energy into friendships that don’t make you feel good, you want to start spending time with amazing people who are successful, active, positive, and fun, who challenge you and push you forward. Or perhaps tap into the social opportunities where you access amazing people and artists, enjoy exclusive access to events or parties, tap into leading thinkers or creative minds, enjoy amazing hidden beauty in the world, and much more.

The author in introduction emphasizes the main goals of his book such as creation of fulfilling, authentic, effective networking strategy, building and aligning social capital in order to achieve ambitions, goals, combine strategy and serendipity to keep in constant contact with a wide network of people, and others.

“Your life experience comes down to two things: the quality of your relationships with others and yourself, and what you create and collaborate with others. No one goes it alone, but you have to start with yourself” he says.

Throughout the book Treu makes explicit the practices he uses for effective networking that effective networkers often practice implicitly. He shares his successes as well as his failures in networking. A key to his effectiveness appears to be his genuine care and concern for others.


Amazon: Social Wealth: How to Create Rich, Rewarding Relationships that Last a Lifetime

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